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Transfer of Management to East Capital

Investor alignment key to fund raising

Truly Nordic Hidden Gems

Making money in the stock market sometimes involves going places everybody else is neglecting or outright avoiding. Places such as an unloved company getting its house back in order or a small, little-known company with significant upside potential. Staffan Östlin and co-portfolio manager Johan Eriksson of Adrigo Asset Management are focused on finding undiscovered and unloved gems among smaller companies in the Nordics for Adrigo Small & Midcap L/S. Since launching the stock-picking hedge fund back in late 2017, Östlin has found plenty of such gems. Read more



Notice regarding Adrigo Hedge (Read More)
Notice regarding Adrigo Small & Midcap (Read More)

Press Release

East Capital Holding completes its acquisition of Adrigo Asset Management (Read More)

East Capital Holding acquires Adrigo Asset Management (Read More)


8 January 2021: East Capital Group selects Acty to streamline its active ownership efforts (Read More)

In order to streamline our fund offering and increase operational efficiency within portfolio management, Adrigo Hedge was merged into Adrigo Small & Midcap L/S on 1 October 2020. (Read more)


Staffan Östlin, Portfolio Manager and CIO, about Adrigo’s Post-Acquisition Story in Nordic Hedge

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Adrigo Small & Midcap among top performers 2021 – Staffan Östlin commenting in latest Nordic Hedge Index update

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