Performance July

Adrigo Hedge +0.63% (Read More)
Adrigo Small & Midcap +3.57% (Read More)

Performance June

Adrigo Hedge +2.28% (Read More)
Adrigo Small & Midcap +8.42% (Read More)

Performance May

Adrigo Hedge -0.09% (Read More)
Adrigo Small & Midcap +3.21% (Read More)

Transfer of Management to East Capital

Notice regarding Adrigo Hedge (Read More)
Notice regarding Adrigo Small & Midcap (Read More)

Press Release

East Capital Holding completes its acquisition of Adrigo Asset Management (Read More)

East Capital Holding acquires Adrigo Asset Management (Read More)


Adrigo Asset Management is now a part of East Capital Group

Following the acquisition, the Adrigo strategies maintain their continuity and investment focus, while drawing on the group’s scale with additional investment management experience, sustainability and governance expertise, additional resources for control functions and other capacity provided by the East Capital Group.

East Capital Group is an independent asset management group that comprises several strategies and specialisations to offer active management solutions in equities, bonds and real estate assets. The main operations include East Capital  − specialising in emerging and frontier market equity investments and Espiria – offering bespoke global and Nordic equities and fixed income strategies.