hakan-filipsson Håkan Filipson
(Founder & Chairman) was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors in June 2018. Håkan has worked as an analyst and stockbroker since 1985 at Enskilda, FIBA/CAI Cheuvreux and at his own company A-Brokers. Håkan has also been Managing Director CAI Cheuvreux Nordic and Head of Marketing for CAI Cheuvreux Europe.
Daniel Staffan Östlin
(Portfolio Manager and CIO) has a broad and successful background as an analyst and stockbroker with, among others, Carnegie, SEB Enskilda and Handelsbanken. During the years 2006 until 2013 Staffan ran his own business with investments and corporate finance. Staffan’s most recent position prior to joining Adrigo was from a role as Fund Manager at the hedge fund Quest 1, focusing on Nordic Small & Midcap companies. Staffan worked with Quest1 from the start of the fund in 2013 until 2017. Staffan is the Portfolio Manager of Adrigo Small & Midcap L/S and Adrigo Hedge.
Johan Eriksson
(Portfolio Manager) is a graduate economist from Uppsala University. Johan has previously worked as portfolio manager at Swedia Capital and has also worked as a consultant at Deloitte as well as analyst at Handelsbanken.
Stefan Gavelin
(CEO) has worked in the financial industry since 2004. Prior to joining Adrigo in November 2014 Stefan worked as Risk Manager at JRS Asset Management. Stefan has also worked as risk analyst at Wahlstedt & Sageryd and prior to that he spent five years in the United Kingdom at London & Capital Asset Management and Poalim Asset Management.