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Adrigo Hedge is an actively managed hedge fund, targeting absolute returns with a low and controlled risk-return profile, focusing on larger and liquid companies in the Nordic region.


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NAV 138.47
Performance YTD -6.97%
Performance since inception +56.75%
NAV 147.30
Performance 1 day +0.32%
Adrigo Hedge is traded daily. Application must reach Adrigo Asset Management no later than no later than at 2 pm on a banking day. When the Stockholm Stock Exchange closes at 1 pm, no later than at 10 am.
Historic returns
2019 -6.88%
2018 -1.08%
2017 3.01%
2016 1.82%
2015 4.49%

Important Information:
Adrigo funds are Alternative Investment Funds (so called “specialfond”) according to the Swedish Act (2013:561) of Managers of Alternative Investment Funds and are therefore not to be considered as UCITS funds. Adrigo funds are only directed at institutions and other professional investors and are not subject to the same regulatory framework as those funds which are adapted to retail investors.

Investments in funds always involve risks. Past performance is no guarantee for future performance. Fund units may increase or decrease in value and may be affected by changes in exchange rates and other factors. Investors may not get back the amount invested.

Before investing, please read the fund regulations and the information memorandum carefully.

The availability of Adrigo funds may be limited or restricted in some countries. Detailed Information about where the funds are registered and what types of distribution are permitted can be obtained from Adrigo Asset Management.

The information about Adrigo funds is only directed at those investors located where Adrigo is authorized to make this information available, and is not intended for any use which would be contrary to local law or regulation.

Consequently, the Adrigo funds may not be offered, sold or distributed in these countries unless such offer, sale or distribution is made in accordance with any applicable exemption from any registration requirements provided by the local securities laws and regulations.

Prospective investors should inform themselves as to: (a) the legal requirements within their own jurisdictions for the purchase and holding of shares; (b) any foreign exchange restrictions which may affect them; and (c) the income and other tax consequences which may apply in their own jurisdictions relevant to the purchase, holding or disposal of shares